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Angkor Wat is a definite”must-see” for all tourists visiting Siem Reap and it's only 20 minutes away from MotherHome Hotel by tuktuk or Car. We actually advise three days visiting the temples to fully appreciate the variety and majesty of this amazing historical and religious marvel. Please kindly let us know, if you’re interested in these below tours.

The Price of  3-day-Tour :

US$95 => (2-day-tours by tuktuk   & 1-day-tour  by 4-seated car)

US$115 => (3-day-tours by 4-seated car)

US$130 => (3-day-tour by mini van)


+ DAY1  (Small Tour)

- Check in to our MotherHome  (入住妈妈之家旅馆

- 07:30 leaving to buy temple pass (早上07:30买门票)  __   Angkor Thom, (大吴哥城)  __ Bayon temple (巴戎 __  Baphuon (巴本) __ Phimean Akas (皇宫或者叫空中宫殿) __ Terrace of the elephants (斗象台__ Leper King 癞王阳台__ Chao Say Tevoda(周萨神庙)__ Thommanon(塔马农庙) __ Ta keo(大高神殿或者叫茶交寺)__ Ta Prohm temple(塔普伦庙) __ Back to MotherHome for lunch and relax / or can have your lunch at the temple somewhere (在景区或者回妈妈之家用餐)
AFTERNOON: 下午 __ About 15:00 back to Angkor Wat  (参观吴哥窟的世界七大奇景之一) __ Back to Phnom Bakheng for sunset  

+ DAY2 (Long Distance Tour)

MORNING: __ 04:30 wake up 起床 __05:00 leaving for sunrise at Angkor Wat(早上0500发去小吴哥窟看日出__ 07:30 leaving for Banteay Samre temple(班提送来)__ Banteay Srey(女皇宫)__ Beng Mealea (崩密列,门票5$/人) (Request for : Entrance ticket : US$5/pax) __ Lunch at Beng Mealea (午餐在崩密列)__ AFTERNOON:  下午 __ Back to Rolous group (Bakong, Preah Kor, Lo Lei) 罗洛司群遗址,罗类庙,别构庙,巴孔庙)

NOTE : The 1st sunrise will get free of charge ONLY if you will use our transport services at least 3 whole days, but not if you will use less than 3 whole days,The sunrise extra charge will be : US$3 by Tuk Tuk / US$5 by 4-seated Car / US$7 by Mini Van

 注意:关于日出会免费一次只要您使用我们的司机服务满三天(大小圈和外围),如果您没有使用我们旅馆司机的服务满三天。看日出每次增加3$tuk tuk / 5$的汽 Camry  / 7$的面包 Van .

+ DAY3  (Big Tour)

MORNING __ 06:00 wake up 床) __ 06:30 breakfast in our restaurant 用早餐 __07:10 leaving for Kravan temple(克罗凡庙 或者交豆蔻寺__ Banteay Kdei (班碟可戴)__ Srah Srang(皇家浴池)__ Pre Rup变身他或者叫比利寺)__ East Mebon东梅棚)__ Ta Som(塔松庙)__ Neak Pean(涅磐庙或者叫龙盘水池)__ Lunch somewhere at the temple(在景区用午餐)__ AFTERNOON : 下午 __ Preah Kahn temple(宝剑塔)__ Back to MotherHome (回妈妈之家旅馆

Package Includes:

-          Round Trip Transfers

-          Bottle of cold water during the trip

-          Escorted by Professional Driver